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School picture day, family portraits, corporate headshots: We do it all at DeCloud. No matter what you hope to capture in your photos, DeCloud will make you look and feel your best. Our photographers are professional and courteous—they work hard to make the experience fun and stress-free.


DeCloud Studios has a long history with schools all over the Kansas City area and is known for offering great value and unbeatable customer service. We offer administrators responsive support, clear communication, stress-free picture day sessions and timely delivery of products. For parents, DeCloud provides high-quality, affordable yearbooks and picture packages.

By working with DeCloud, you can expect local service support, direct access to owner and managers, school funding opportunities, attractive pricing and package options, consistent quality, in-depth training for yearbook coordinators, free customized visitor stickers, principal awards, certificates and picture day posters. We pride ourselves on making school picture day worry-free.


We believe in giving back. We support local charitable organizations and are committed to strengthening our schools and the community in which we work.

We also believe every family deserves a school portrait of their student. That’s why we always offer a selection of free picture certificates that school administrators can distribute to financially disadvantaged families who otherwise could not afford to purchase school portraits.

We give back to our schools. Every time a parent orders a picture package, a significant portion of that sale goes back to the school to assist in their funding needs.

PHONE: 913.956.7200


School picture day doesn’t have to be a hassle. DeCloud’s photographers and field representatives will ensure all your needs are met with 100 percent satisfaction.

Here’s what we offer

Fall Picture Day

Our talented photographers are trained to work with students of all ages. We’ll provide all the materials you need to promote picture day and communicate with parents. Day of, we’ll ensure a smooth, efficient process that takes out all of the guesswork.

Spring Picture Day

Our crew will set up outdoors in the natural environment of your school. Photographers will take time to connect with each student and capture unique and beautiful pictures. Parents will receive proofs of two poses and have the opportunity to purchase high-quality portraits at school picture pricing.

Additional Materials

ID cards, student stickers, school system CDs, custom visitor stickers, school calendars.

Event Photography

Sports, graduations, dances, class pictures and clubs and groups.


DeCloud Studios can help you make a custom yearbook for your school. We make the process simple through training sessions, a user-friendly online program and local staff who are always available to answer questions. For more information, see our FAQ page.

Ordering Options

In the fall, we offer pre-pay envelopes or easy-to-use online ordering. In the spring, students will receive an order form with two proofs so parents can view the portraits before ordering. For sports and graduations, we offer online ordering through school specific galleries on our website.

PHONE: 913.956.7200


Senior year is special time in every teen’s life. We want to help capture the memories. DeCloud makes it easy to get everything done at once—we’ll shoot your classic senior year headshot and give you a chance to show off your personality in a senior photo shoot. One stop and you’re good to go.

How the Session Works

  • Make appointment with DeCloud by calling 913-956-7200
  • Show up 15 minutes early for your appointment
  • Your session fee depends on your school
  • Even if you have a location session we request that you come to the studio to take your senior yearbook portrait.
  • Plan on spending 30 minutes to 1 hour in the studio for sessions and 1 hour and 30 minutes on location sessions
  • After the session, you can make a viewing appointment to look at the pictures (2 weeks after)
  • In viewing session, you can place an order—you’ll receive your order in 3-4 weeks

Plan & Prepare

  • Pick outfits — one timeless and one casual — that define who you are
  • Bring props that show your hobbies, sports and other interests
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer what you want in your senior photo
  • Get plenty of rest the night before the shoot
  • Be confident and be YOU!

Senior Portfolio







PHONE: 913.956.7200


A high-quality family portrait should hang in every home. Let our team capture your family in our studio or on location in a fun, creative environment. Either way, you’ll treasure these family photos for years to come.

How the Session Works

  • Call to make an appointment—913-956-7200.
  • Let us know how many people will take part in the photo session.
  • Decide on the “look” you’re going for. DeCloud does it all, from formal portraits in the studio to something more casual outside.

Plan & Prepare

  • Coordinate—Each member of the family should dress similarly, whether in color or style. Matching footie pajamas? Sure. Just make sure you’re all in sync.
  • Make sure everyone is well-rested.

Families Portfolio







PHONE: 913.956.7200

Business & Professional

In today’s business world, professional portraits have become an essential component to corporate marketing. Having a quality business portrait strengthens your brand, shows potential clients “the face behind the business” and gives them insight into how you conduct business.

How the Session Works

  • Make an appointment with DeCloud by calling 913-956-7200.
  • Plan on spending 15-30 minutes in the studio for your session.
  • After the session, we will choose the best image with you, then retouch and email it to you.

Plan & Prepare

  • We recommend wearing solid colors – prints and patterns are distracting.
  • Long necklaces won’t show, keep jewelry above the collarbone.
  • If you’re not sure which tie/shirt/blouse/earrings, etc. bring choices and we’ll help.
  • If your company has guidelines/rules about your portrait, be sure and bring a copy with you!

PHONE: 913.956.7200


Now that you've had your pictures taken, it's time to get them ordered. The highest attention will be paid to quality prints in a timely manner.

Order Your School Picture Day or Event Photos Now!

For School Re-Orders find your password on your order envelope, otherwise call us!

Order Your High School Senior or Studio Photos Now!

Check your email for your ID and password. Order Now!




Who do I call when I have questions?

For school administrators and yearbook advisors: 913-956-7310

For parents and students regarding high school senior and studio pictures: 913-956-7200

For parents regarding underclass picture day photos: 913-956-7312


What if my child is absent on picture day?

There is a retake day scheduled for your school. Please contact your school for the date.


What happens if I forget my picture envelope on picture day?

You can mail your order form to us immediately after picture day or contact customer service: 913-956-7312.
Click Here to download and print the picture day order form.


When can we expect delivery of our picture packages?

Normally, picture packages are delivered to the school four to five weeks after picture day.


What if I am missing pictures from my package?

Please contact customer service and we will assist you: 913-956-7312.


What is required to get my student’s picture retaken?

It’s important to have your student return the original picture package to one of the representatives on retake day. This will allow us to remake the same package you ordered. If your student does not return the original package, we will retake their photo for use in the yearbook only.


Will the original or retake photo be in the yearbook?

Your retake photo will appear in the yearbook. If you would prefer the original please contact us immediately at: 913-956-7312.


How can DeCloud help my school with yearbook production?

Along with taking your students’ school portraits, DeCloud Studios can help you make a custom yearbook for your school. We make the process simple by offering training sessions and a user-friendly online program.

Here’s how we make it easy:

  • DeCloud Studios holds training sessions each year to explain how to use the software and allow yearbook advisors to collaborate with each other.
  • Multiple deadlines are a thing of the past. Working with DeCloud, you’ll only need to meet one deadline on the day the book needs to be submitted.
  • Pictavo is an online-based software that is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. No need to download or purchase any programs.
  • We can help you create a custom cover for your school.
  • DeCloud can also shoot professional candids of school events and upload them to your book for you.


PHONE: 913.956.7200

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